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Steven was born and raised in Arkansas.  He has been hunting and fishing with his uncle since he was able to walk good.  He started out squirrel and coon hunting, at age 10 he went on his first youth waterfowl hunt and has been chasing ducks all over Arkansas ever since.  After going on his first snow goose hunt and hunting over decoys, he said "man there ain't nothing like thousands of geese working the decoys".  He puts in countless hours and miles scouting during hunting season.

Brian Brew/ProStaff

Brian is owner and operator of Wild Wings Taxidermy in Middle Tennessee.  Waterfowl and turkey have always fascinated him, so he decided when learning the taxidermy trade to only specialize in birds.  He has been  doing taxidermy for well over 20 years now.  Along with knowing the trade of taxidermy , he has both an undergrad and Masters degree in wildlife biology.  He grew up in west Tennessee hunting everything from bullfrogs to deer.  About the time he turned 16 he was introduced to waterfowl and turkey and that's where his addiction begin.  He has been from coast to coast multiple times chasing waterfowl, and covers some serious ground during turkey season.  He is happily married to a very understanding wife and has two little boys.

Justin Crouse/ProStaff

Just was born and raised in Henderson, TN.  Started hunting with his dad at an early age, he killed his first deer when he was 8 years old.  He also spent his time as a kid hunting doves, rabbit, coons, and just about anything that walks.  He spends numerous hours scouting for the perfect deer, although he loves to deer hunt, nothing compares to his passion for waterfowl hunting.  He grew up hunting the Forked Deer and Hatchie river bottoms, and also the Tennessee river back waters.  He spends most of his season hunting ducks on public land, which requires endless hours of scouting, in search of where the ducks want to be.  He enjoys everything about being in the outdoors and introducing new people to the sport of hunting.

Shane Dunaway/ProStaff

Shane lives in Lexington, TN and is a Registered Nurse and Emergency Medical Technician.  He has been roaming the woods and fields of west Tennessee since he was old enough to walk.  Shane loves to pursue whitetail deer and ducks in the fall and winter, and run and gun for big long beards in the spring.  Turkey hunting is passion and he instills his love for the outdoors in his son Avery.

Jeremy Leyhue/ProStaff

Jeremy was born and raised hunting and fishing on the banks of the Obion river system in west Tennessee.  At an early age his father was taking him on hunting and fishing adventures from the Tennessee river to the mighty Mississippi.  To say his father lit a fire in him for waterfowl hunting is a huge understatement.  Jeremy has now hunted all across the US and has chased waterfowl in 3 different countries.  He is now trying to build the same love for the sport in the hearts of his own two children by taking them on their own hunting and fishing adventures every chance he gets.

David Parks/ProStaff

Brian McCormack/ProStaff

David King/Co-Owner

David was born and raised in Henderson, TN.  He started hunting and fishing at a very young age.  Growing up in west Tennessee, he hunted deer, dove, quail, turkey, and squirrel.  But it wasn't until later in life that he came to know his real passion "hunting waterfowl".  It took one trip to a duck blind, and he was hooked.  Now all other hunting takes a back seat to waterfowl hunting.  Hunting waterfowl has introduced him to lots of new places, friends, and a greater respect for hunting in God's country.

Brian  was born and raised in west Tennessee.  Brian had the love of hunting instilled in him at an early age by his dad and granddad.  Brian is an avid hunter of all game.  So no matter what hunting season it is, you will find Brian taking in every ounce the outdoors has to offer.

Marc Thompson/Co-Owner

Marc lives in Newbern, TN and has been in love with the outdoors since he was 5 years old.  Marc got his first shotgun when he was 10 years old and hasn't put it down since.  He started  hunting deer, dove, and anything else his dad would take him to hunt.  After a few years he got to go on his first duck hunt with his dad and the fire was lit!  He has been in love with waterfowl hunting ever since.

ProStaff team 

David lives in Trenton, TN.  He has been hunting

since he was 5 years old, he went on his first duck hunt with his dad and has been hooked ever since.  He killed his first deer at age 11.  He grew up in family that loves hunting and the outdoors, both his mom and dad love to hunt.  He grew up hunting on the middle and north fork of the forked deer river.  He loves duck, deer, and turkey hunting, if it has a season to hunt it, you will find him in the woods, in a stand, or in a duck blind doing what he loves to do....HUNT!

Steven Mott/ProStaff

Chase Kohl/ProStaff

Chase started hunting as a young boy with his dad.  He cut his teeth hunting deer on the family farm and killed his first deer, a buck at the age of 12.  He has hunted just about everything that is legal to hunt from coons, hogs, deer, and birds.  He really enjoys deer hunting, but even more so he loves to chase

those thunder chickens come spring.  There is just something about an ole dominate long beard hammering in your face at 15 yards that makes the ole 12 gauge want to bark.  His real passion started in his pre-teen years when his dad took him on his first hunt and he killed his first duck a wood duck.  He chases duck and geese all over his home state of South Carolina and has hunted a lot of God's country from TN, AR, OH, to MO and hopes to keep adding to that list!